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Like this article? We recommend Utilize a Virtual Moleskine Notebook Using the Moleskine App

Utilize a Virtual Moleskine Notebook Using the Moleskine App

The free Moleskine app (which is totally separate from the Evernote app) allows you to customize the look and paper style of your virtual notebooks (and choose between plain blank paper, rules paper, squared paper, or a storyboard layout), and then type or use your finger to draw content onto each virtual notebook page.

Virtual pages can also be populated with digital photos shot using your iPhone/iPad’s camera, or incorporate content copied from the Internet (via Safari). This Moleskine app then allows for virtual notebook pages to be shared via email, Facebook, or Twitter, as well as imported into Evernote as non-searchable graphic files.

When using this app, it’s possible to use an optional pen-shaped stylus as a tool for handwriting notes or drawings directly on the iOS device’s screen, as opposed to using your finger or the device’s virtual keyword. The online-based Stylus Shop, for example, offers a vast selection of optional stylus devices compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Several Bamboo Stylus models are also available from Wacom.

Final Thoughts

In our everyday lives, we’re bombarded with information we need to remember, keep organized, and utilize. Plus, we’re constantly generating new ideas and having thoughts that need to somehow be recorded. For people who prefer jotting down information using a pen (or pencil) and paper, the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebooks, when used with the Evernote software and app, are wonderful options for merging low-tech with high-tech tools for effectively and more efficiently recording, organizing, storing, and sharing all kinds of information.

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