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Evernote Is a Note-taking and Information Management Tool

Available as a free app for the Apple iPhone and iPad (as well as Android mobile devices), a web-based app, as well as full-featured software for the PC and Mac, Evernote is a versatile, highly customizable, and easy-to-use note-taking and information management tool. Each version of Evernote is fully compatible with the others, so information can be automatically synced.

Evernote allows users to create digital-based virtual notebooks that contain information that is manually typed into the app or software, handwritten information that’s been scanned, digital photos, audio that’s been recorded into the app, sketches, and other content that is copied directly from the Internet. When used with a mobile device, a geo-tag is automatically attached to all new Evernote entries, as well as the date and time of creation, so users can track when and where their ideas were initially recorded or edited.

Once content is entered into Evernote, it can be viewed, printed, shared, and organized in many different ways, as well as archived. The content is also readily searchable, so you can find information in seconds. The versatility and customizability of the app and software allows it to be used by business people, entrepreneurs, and artistic individuals working in a wide range of professions. Because all versions of Evernote work seamlessly together, a user knows that his or her content is always accessible, yet it remains safely stored in the cloud, as well as on a computer and/or mobile device.

One reason why Evernote has been adopted by so many people, from many different industries and walks of life, is because the core Evernote app and software is available for free. The Evernote app for iPhone and iPad is available via the App Store, while the PC and Mac versions can be downloaded and installed from http://www.evernote.com.

To help Evernote users better organize and share their content, and even collaborate on the creation of content, the company offers the fee-based Evernote Premium service for $5 per month or $45 per year. This service allows more information to be stored within an Evernote cloud-based account, plus offers enhanced security, the ability to create larger content files, fast image recognition, and better collaboration and sharing tools. The premium service also allows for digital notebook pages to be transformed into searchable PDF files.

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