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Taking In-App Lessons for Adobe Edge Animate

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This chapter shows how you can use the in-app lessons in Adobe Edge Animate to quickly get started with new projects.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


From the Welcome screen or the Lessons panel, you can use In-App Lessons to help you get started with the project in Edge Animate. The In-App Lessons provide seven step-by step topics with the aid of the Lessons panel to walk you through the process of creating animations with Edge Animate. The lessons include Quick Start to help you get going, Create to teach you how to work with shapes, text and images, Animate I: Keyframes and II: The Pin to show you how to use keyframes and pins, Resize to learn how to respond to size changes, Extend to learn how to loop and handle user interaction, and Reuse to show you how to create reusable elements with symbols.

If you want further help and instructional materials, you can use links in the Welcome screen to access a list of key features and product release notes, and helpful resources from online content, including Help and Tutorials, videos on Adobe TV, community forums, and sample projects. In addition, you can access Facebook and Twitter to get more information about Edge Animate.

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