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This chapter is from the book

How to Navigate Your Way Around Pottermore

To begin experiencing Pottermore for yourself, use any computer or tablet that has access to the Internet (with your parent’s permission, of course) and visit www.Pottermore.com. The Pottermore home page is displayed.


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If this is your very first visit to Pottermore, click the Sign Up button that appears near the center of the home page.

If you’re making a return visit, click the Sign In to Pottermore button, and then enter your username and password when prompted.

During your first visit to this unique website, you need to create your own unique Pottermore account. Click the Sign Up button. What to do next is explained later in this guide within Section II, “Signing Up for Pottermore.com.”

You are then magically transported to Privet Drive, where your adventure officially begins. Pottermore Secrets and Mysteries Revealed: The Unofficial Guide walks you through every step of your adventure. This book helps you discover even the most difficult-to-find items, while giving you important clues about how to solve the puzzles you encounter and overcome the challenges you’ll soon face.

Use the Magical Gateway to Navigate Your Way Around

Constantly displayed near the very top of the screen is the gateway. It consists of 10 circular icons plus the large Pottermore sign and your profile shield.

Perched on top of the Spells icon is the Messenger Owl. When you begin your adventure, the majority of the circular icons displayed within the gateway are locked. A lock symbol appears within most them, and when you click them, nothing happens.

Over time, as you work your way through Pottermore, new areas of the website are unlocked. By the time you’re done with Book 1, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, nine of the icons will be unlocked: Diagon Alley, Gringotts, Great Wall, Common Room, Spells, Potions, Trunk, Friends, and Favorites.

After an icon on the gateway is unlocked, click it to immediately access that area of Pottermore. For example, click the Trunk icon at anytime to display the contents of your trunk. This is where all the items you collect during your adventure are stored.

At anytime, click the Pottermore title that shows near the top center of the screen to view the entire magical gateway.


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The magical gateway serves as a map from which you can transport yourself back to any scene within any chapter of any book you’ve already completed within Pottermore.

During your first visit to Pottermore, only Book 1, Chapter 1, “The Boy Who Lived,” is unlocked on the magical gateway. Book 1’s icon, which by no coincidence looks like the Sorcerer’s Stone, is displayed near the top-left corner. By the time you’ve completed Book 1, all 17 of the chapter dots are gold colored and clickable.

View Your Profile Page

When you first start your adventure, the icon below the Pottermore title looks like a silver shield. Click it to view your unique profile page at anytime.

Your profile page reveals information about your Pottermore character and her accomplishments.


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As you progress through your adventure, the information within your profile page changes.

Your profile page is divided into several sections. Along the top of the screen, just below the gateway, a progress meter shows how far along you are in a particular Pottermore adventure. You can click any dot, each of which represents a chapter you’ve completed, to return to that chapter. The rightmost dot on the progress meter represents the chapter you’re currently exploring. Click it to return to where you left off in your adventure.

Near the top left is (or will be) information about your unique magic wand. Near the top center are (or will be) details about how many house points you have personally earned. Near the top right of the profile page is a listing of any notifications you’ve received, either from the Pottermore website operators or from your online friends and fellow Pottermore users.

When you scroll downward a bit on your profile page, you find a Favorites section. A listing of the characters, spells, creatures, objects, places, chapters, and potions you’ve tagged as your favorites are accessible.

Remember, from each chapter introduction or chapter summary screen during your adventure, as well as anytime you unlock information about something new within Pottermore, you can click the Favorites button and add it to your Favorites list.

One of the great things about Pottermore is that you can meet friends online who are Harry Potter fans, just like you! If one of your real-life friends is also on Pottermore, you can meet online, as long as you know your friend’s unique username. Or while you’re exploring Pottermore, you can meet and interact with new friends online.

Access information about your Pottermore friends from the Friends section of your profile page, or simply click the Friends icon at the top of the screen within the gateway.

Another thing you can do on Pottermore is share your artistic talents with others by uploading your drawings and artwork to the Pottermore website, where it will be displayed for all to see.

You can also view galleries of other people’s art. From your profile page, you can manage the drawings that you’ve uploaded to Pottermore. You learn how to upload and share your drawings from Section VII, “Your Adventure Continues.”

The bottom three sections of your profile page allow you to view and access your inventory of spells and spell books, potions, and your trunk. During your adventure, you unlock new spells and potions. However, you can also learn how to cast new spells and mix new potions on your own.

Receive Messages from the Owl

Perched quietly atop the Spells icon on the gateway throughout your adventure is a dark-colored Messenger Owl with bright orange eyes. If a number appears within a circular icon next to the owl, this indicates you’ve received a message, either from the Pottermore website operators or from one of your online friends. To access the message, click the owl.

Notifications from the Messenger Owl can include the following:

  • Friend requests from others
  • Acceptance notices for friend requests you’ve sent
  • Information about gifts others have sent you
  • Challenges from other people for a Wizard’s Duel
  • Results of a Wizard’s Duel challenge
  • News about online events, such as the Pottermore House Cup
  • Important messages from the creators of Pottermore

Experience Pottermore Chapter by Chapter

After your adventure begins, you discover that each book within Pottermore is divided into chapters. Each chapter consists of two or three separate scenes.


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Before each chapter, you see a chapter introduction page. It offers a preview of the scenes you’ll soon experience, plus the chance to add a particular area of Pottermore to your Favorites list.

As soon as you finish each chapter, a chapter summary screen reveals useful information and helps you keep track of where you are and what’s happening at that point in your adventure.

Throughout your adventure, a banner appears near the bottom center of the screen. It includes the name of the scene you’re currently in.

As you’re looking at the banner, click the left-pointing arrow next to it to move back to the previous scene. Click the right-pointing arrow on the opposite side of the banner to advance to the next scene.

By waving your mouse over the upward-pointing arrow near the top center of the banner, you can display a short description of the scene you’re in.

Manage Your Pottermore Account

After you’ve set up your Pottermore account, you can access the Account Settings options to update or change your information, such as your email address, country, language of choice, or your password.


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On the Account Settings page within Pottermore, you can manage your account after setting it up.

You can access the Account Settings page in any of these three easy ways:

  • Click your username near the top-left corner of the Pottermore screen and select Account Settings from the pull-down menu.
  • Access your profile page and click the Account Settings button under the Notifications heading on the right side of the screen.
  • Click the Account Settings link at the bottom of the Pottermore website.

A Few More Menu Commands Are Available to You

At anytime, if you scroll down to the bottom of the Pottermore page you’re on, you discover a handful of links, including the following:

  • About Pottermore: Read a brief description about what the Pottermore website is all about.
  • Pottermore Shop: Access the Pottermore Shop to purchase Harry Potter eBooks and digital audio books.
  • Pottermore Insider: Read the official online blog written by the creators of Pottermore. Discover what’s new on the site and read important announcements.
  • Child Safety: Read basic tips that help you stay safe when communicating with people through the Pottermore website. Also, be sure to read Section VI for more information about communicating with your online friends.
  • Privacy Policy: Discover what happens to the personal information you provide when you create a Pottermore account or make purchases from the Pottermore Shop.
  • Help: If you have a question about Pottermore, chances are you can find the answer within this book. However, you can also check out the Help section of the website.
  • Terms & Conditions: A group of lawyers who represent J.K. Rowling and Pottermore put together this long legal document that’s full of fine print about what you can and cannot do on the Pottermore website. Don’t worry; you can skip reading this section and go right to experiencing your adventure.
  • Account Settings: Click this link to gain quick access to your Account Settings page while visiting Pottermore.
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