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  1. The PageControlNavigation is part of Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). True or false?
  2. When making a game using a canvas, the best app project template to start with is the Fixed Layout App project template. True or false?
  3. When page controls are loaded, the WinJS library is duplicated if it is referenced in the main default.html and the page control .html pages. True or false?
  4. Which is the preferred navigation model, multipage navigation or single-page navigation?


  1. False. PageControlNavigation is generated from boilerplate code when the applications are generated. In code, we access it just as if it were a WinJS control, but it isn’t part of the base.js or ui.js files that make up WinJS.
  2. True. The primary purpose of the Fixed Layout App project template is to give game developers an easy way to use code that depends on a certain resolution.
  3. False. The WinJS script files are not loaded multiple times when using page controls.
  4. Single-page navigation is the preferred navigation model for Windows Store apps written with JavaScript.


  1. Create a new Navigation App and create three page controls. Allow the user to switch among all three page controls in the single-page app.
  2. Create a new Blank App and add multiple iframe elements. Create two page controls, and load those page controls into two iframe elements. The third iframe should reference content on the web. As you navigate in the web content iframe, notice the JavaScript console window in Visual Studio. Most likely, exceptions are logged where certain content can’t be loaded, such as with ActiveX controls or Flash plug-ins.
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