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Change Layout

Change Layout provides options that enable you to enhance the report format and layout, for example, provide report title, hide or show filter, sort, and suppression options in the report, as illustrated in Figure 5.8 and described in the list that follows.

Figure 5.8

Figure 5.8. Change report title.

  1. Click Change Layout > Edit Title Area... > Type Sales Report – Product Line by Product Type in the Title box.

    NOTE: You can also provide a subtitle for the report here. By default any filter, sorting, and suppressions you have applied displays in the report; however, you can disable them by unchecking the options Show filters, Show Sorts, and Show Suppression, as required.

  2. Click OK.

Page Breaks

You can specify page breaks in the report to print logically or functionally related data on the same page, described in the steps that follow.

  1. Click the Product Line (or any grouped or sectioned column in your report) > Click the Set Page Breaks link (in the Change Layout menu), as shown in Figure 5.9.
    Figure 5.9

    Figure 5.9. Set page breaks in the report.

  2. Click the Undo icon in the Standard toolbar to undo the page break settings.

Create Sections

The Sections feature displays the data in sections. Creating a section divides the data in the report by the column it is sectioned on. The sectioned column becomes the section header, as shown in Figure 5.10.

Figure 5.10

Figure 5.10. Display data in sections.

To create a section on the Product line column, click Product line column in the report > click Create Sections on the Change Layout menu.

NOTE: The sectioned column displays as the header and is no longer part of the list.

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