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Create a List Report

You can create a List report by inserting data items from the Insert Data menu. You can either drag and drop items from the data tree onto the work area (in certain browsers only) or use the insert button to add it to the report. When you use the Insert button, by default the column is added to the report as the rightmost column. However, if you click a column in the report and then click the Insert button, the new column is added to the left of the currently selected column in the report.

If there is more data than that can fit on a page, you see links for Page Navigation at the bottom of the work area, for example, Top, Page Up, Page Down, and Bottom. These links are context-sensitive and are available depending upon where you are in the report; for example, if you are on the first page of the report, the Top and Page up links will be disabled.

Top: Takes you to the first page, that is, the top of the report

Page up: Takes you to the previous page

Page down: Takes you to the next page

Bottom: Takes you to the last page of the report

NOTE: You can change the number of rows per page via the Change Layout > Set Web Page Size > Number of rows option.

Steps to Create a Report

The steps to create a List report are described as follows and illustrated in Figure 5.4.

Figure 5.4

Figure 5.4. Create a List report and Group on Product line.

  1. In IBM Cognos Connection, click Launch > Query Studio.
  2. Select GO Data Warehouse (query) package, when prompted to select a package.
  3. In the Insert Data menu navigate to GO Data Warehouse (query) > Sales and Marketing (query) > Sales > Products > Product line > click the Insert button.
  4. In the Insert Data menu navigate to GO Data Warehouse (query) > Sales and Marketing (query) > Sales > Products > Product type > click the Insert button.
  5. In the Insert Data menu, navigate to GO Data Warehouse (query) > Sales and Marketing (query) > Sales > Sales fact > Quantity > click the Insert button.

    NOTE: There are repeated rows for Product line.

Group Data

Group Data option enables you to group the data in report columns. You can group one or more columns.

To group data, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Product line > click the Group icon on the Standard toolbar.
  2. Right-click Sales fact > Revenue column > select Insert to add Revenue to the report.

    NOTE: For Internet Explorer users, if you use the drag and drop option, remember you must drop the Revenue column only when you see three blinking lines indicating the drop zones. Also, examine that the Revenue column is automatically summed based on the grouped column.

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