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From the Rough Cut Installing the Zero Point Theme

Installing the Zero Point Theme

Let’s go ahead and install another theme. Zero Point is just one theme but it comes with several options providing flexibility. These options include color schemes, sidebar layouts, block styling and more.

Let’s install Zero Point and see what it has to offer.

  1. Find the theme.
    1. Go to http://drupal.org/project/zeropoint
    2. Copy the tar.gz link for the Drupal 7 version of this theme
  2. Install the theme.
    1. Go to your site
    2. Click Appearance in the black menu bar.
    3. Click Install new theme
    4. Paste the link into the Install from URL field
    5. Click Install
    6. Click Enable newly added themes
  3. Turn on the theme.
    1. Scroll down and locate the 0 Point theme
    2. Click Enable and set default
  4. Set up the theme.
    1. Click on Settings for the 0 Point theme (notice the name change from Zero to 0)
    2. Observe that Danland comes with many the three basic settings we saw in Bartik, Garland, Stark and Danland.
    3. Observer that Zero Point also has Layout Settings, Breadcrumb, Search Results and Theme Development areas.
    4. Go to your homepage and you’ll see that your site looks like Figure 9.17.
    5. Figure 9.17 Your site with Zero Point as the default theme

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