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From the Rough Cut Theme Settings

Theme Settings

You don’t have to replace Bartik to change the look and feel of your site. Bartik has settings that allow you to customize your site’s look and feel without changing any code. Let’s show you how that’s done. Click Settings in the Bartik theme area.

Figure 9.4 The Settings link for Bartik

You’ll now see the settings available for Bartik (see Figure 9.5).

Figure 9.5 The settings for Bartik

Color Scheme

The first setting we see in Figure 9.5 is the color scheme setting. So, if you prefer red, green, yellow, or some other color scheme, you can use this option to change from Drupal blue to you’re a color of your choosing.

  1. Select a color scheme from the color set dropdown as in Figure 9.6.
  2. Figure 9.6 The color scheme settings for Bartik

  3. Scroll down a little and you’ll see a preview of the color scheme you selected as in Figure 9.7.
  4. Figure 9.7 A preview of a color scheme used with Bartik

  5. If you like the new color scheme, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save configuration.
  6. Go to your homepage and see the change.
  7. Click on Appearance and then Settings for Bartik to return to color scheme feature.
  8. Experiment by manually changing one of the color codes by clicking in the color field of your choice and moving the color selector wheel as shown in Figure 9.8.
  9. Figure 9.8 The color wheel and options in Bartik

  10. If you like the new color scheme, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save configuration.
  11. Go to your homepage and see the change.

Repeat as many times as you like. Remember, you can always return to the Drupal blue by selecting Blue Lagoon (Default) from the Color set dropdown.

Toggle Display

Below the Color Scheme settings is another area called Toggle Display as shown in Figure 9.9.

Figure 9.9 The color scheme settings for Bartik

The Toggle Display options show the features that the theme supports. Some themes support hundreds of features and some themes support none. A theme’s features rely entirely on the designer of the theme.

Let’s experiment with one of the features.

  1. Make sure the Site Slogan checkbox is checked.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and Save configuration.
  3. Click Configuration in the black menu bar.
  4. Click Site Information.
  5. Type this short slogan in the Slogan field: “Drupal Rocks!”
  6. Click Save configuration.
  7. Return to the homepage and see the slogan appear under the name of your site as in Figure 9.10.
  8. Figure 9.10 Your Drupal site with a slogan displaying

Logo Image Settings

  1. Click Appearance and then Settings for Bartik.
  2. Uncheck the Use the default logo box.
  3. You will now have the option to upload your own logo as in Figure 9.11. You’re welcome to use your own image, but we also have one that you can use at http://drupal7explained.com/chapter9.

    Figure 9.11 Uploading a new logo to use with Bartik

  4. Click Save configuration.

Visit the front of your homepage, and it will look like Figure 9.12.

Figure 9.12 Site with completed new logo

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