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From the Rough Cut What’s Next?

What’s Next?

In this chapter we saw how to accomplish all these tasks:

  • Configure Bartik, the default Drupal theme
  • Change the default theme on our site
  • Add new themes
  • Search for and evaluate new themes

Now we know the key details about Drupal themes. At this point, your Drupalville site will look like Figure 9.45. For first time in this book, our site now looks substantially different. Don’t worry if it’s not exact. The important thing is that you understand the concepts behind this chapter. If you feel that you know how to search for, evaluate, install and use themes, then you’re ready to move on to Chapter 10.

In Chapter 10, Drupal Blocks Explained, we’re going to dig deeper into themes and how they impact our site. We’re going to focus on how themes work to control the layout of your site and how you can use blocks within that layout. By the end of the next chapter you’ll have built on the knowledge from this chapter and have a good understanding of how to manage both design and layout.

Your Drupal site at the end of Chapter 9

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