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From the Rough Cut Practice


To end this chapter, let’s practice everything we’ve learned about themes so far. We’re going to install a new theme, modify the settings and enable a dropdown menu.

First, let’s install the Marinelli theme that we evaluated earlier. We’re going to use the FITS workflow:

  1. Find: Go to http://drupal.org/project/marinelli and copy the tar.gz link for the Drupal 7 version of this theme.
  2. Install: Go to your site, click Appearance then Install new theme. Paste the link into the Install from URL field and then click Install.
  3. Turn on: Locate the Marinelli theme. Click Enable and set default. Click on Settings for Marinelli. Here’s what we’re going to modify:
    1. Logo Image Settings: Uncheck Use the default log. Upload the drupalville-logo-small.png image from http://drupal7explained.com/chapter7.
    2. Layout Settings: Choose Content in the middle for Layout Type. This will return our site to a traditional three column design with the content in the middle of the screen.
    3. Primary Menu Settings: Choose Mega Drop Down as the option for Which kid of primary links do you want to use? This will enable the dropdrown menu.
    4. Banner Management. Open Banner Configuration and Choose Drupal region (advertise) for Do you want to use Marinelli banners or a classic drupal region. This will remove the large slideshow from the homepage.
  4. Click Save configuration.

By following the FITS workflow, we now have a site which looks like Figure 9.43 below.

Figure 9.43 Your Drupal site with Marinelli as the default theme

As with any new theme, there will always be adjustments to make. For example, our parent and child links don’t fit perfectly into the new menu. As seen in Figure 9.44, the phrase General Discussion is too long for the menu.

Figure 9.44 Parent and child menu links in the Marinelli theme

We can make this adjustment by thinking back to the previous chapter:

  1. Go to Structure, then Menus
  2. Click list links in the Main Menu row.
  3. Click edit in the General Discussion row.
  4. Change General Discussion to General.
  5. Click Save.

The adjustments you make for a new theme may involve menus but they may involve other things too.

You may need to tweak the logo size as we did here. The drupalville-logo.png we used earlier was too large for this theme.

You may also need to move blocks around because the new theme has a different layout. How do that will the topic of our next chapter.

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