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Working with Data-Level B2B Application Integration

The difficulty with data-oriented B2B application integration is the large scope of integrating various databases within the enterprise. Your initial goal might be to solve all the integration woes of your trading community at the same time by integrating all databases that need to communicate. However, given the complexity of the task, it is often better to move forward in a clear, paced manner. Attempting to accomplish the entire process at once is a massive undertaking and, for most trading communities, is too much change to accommodate at one time.

You and your trading community should consider taking "baby steps" toward the goal of data-oriented B2B application integration—and B2B application integration in general. A smart strategy would be to integrate two or three databases at first, allow them to become successful, and then move forward to bigger problem domains. This strategy would ease the burden on the B2B application integration architects, who are shouldering a huge workload by pushing forward a new concept of B2B application integration. It also eases the burden on the users who have to test the systems and work through problems as they become apparent.

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