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Your About Page: The Basics

The elements of your profile page are a photo avatar, your name, a small “summary line” below your name, a spot for your introduction, “bragging rights,” your occupation, your employment, your education, places where you’ve lived, relationship status, a sense of what you’re looking for, your birthday, your gender, other names (in case of a maiden name or a common spelling error), a nickname, and whether your information should be visible in a search (see Figure 5-7). Besides this, in the right column, there is a spot for links, where you can insert links to other social networks plus point people to important URLs that matter to you and your business.

Figure 5.7

Figure 5-7. My profile page.

You can also choose whether to let people send you email via your profile page. They can’t see your actual Gmail account address, but they can click a button (if you expose it) that lets them fill out a form and send it to you.

Via this About page, you can also control whether you want people to view who you’ve added to your circles. You can choose to hide that, and then people see only who has added you to their circles via your About page. (I’m not sure of the value to show or hide that data, but I currently have mine hidden, so as not to upset or offend anyone that I haven’t chosen to add to a circle yet.)

The other tabs on your profile include the following:

  • Posts, which shows what you’ve posted
  • Photos, which shows people photos that you’ve uploaded where you and others have been tagged in the same photo, and photos that others have chosen to share of you
  • Videos, which shows videos that you’ve uploaded to Google+ (and not your YouTube account specifically)
  • +1s that you’ve shared via the +1 function OFFSITE (versus the +1s you give things on Google+)
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