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Three Incredible Gifts

Getting down to the most basic of basics, you need to realize that each day we are given three incredible gifts.

They are

  • The gift of time, without which activities cannot be executed.
  • The gift of personal energy, essential for doing the activities.
  • The gift of choice, to determine what activities we will do.

To maximize these three amazing daily gifts, the following activity management skills must be implemented:

  1. Choosing activities
  2. Tracking activities
  3. Arranging activities
  4. Flexicuting activities
  5. Focusing on activities

This ridiculously easy time management approach is to simply get good at these five activity management skills. We’re going to forget about all the old laws and rules, and just focus on becoming good activity managers.

These skills will help you stress less, avoid being overwhelmed, and deal with interruptions so you can enjoy life. It’s time to color your choices.

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