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Activities Are Never Neutral

Some activities of long duration can have very little consequence. Some activities of short duration can have huge consequences. The most important thing to recognize about activities is that they are never neutral. They either enhance or detract from our lives by changing the quality for better or for worse. The following statements illustrate this point:

  • Activities that align with what we value give us a greater sense of satisfaction than those that don’t.
  • Activities creatively arranged in a sequence can culminate in the achievement of a desired outcome or goal.
  • Negative activities repeated over and over again can erode our well-being.
  • Positive activities repeated over and over again can make us stronger and improve our well-being.
  • Activities repeated over and over again become habits. Habits can be our greatest servants or our worst masters.
  • When we choose to do certain activities we simultaneously exclude other activities. It’s about choice.
  • We can change the quality of our life simply by changing activities.
  • Focus permits us to fully experience an activity.
  • The day’s productivity is determined by the activities we choose and those we refuse.
  • We live and die with our choice of activities.
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