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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating Line Graphs

If line graphs are what you need, you can create them in the same way as bar graphs. Line graphs do not have as many chart options because there are no bars to space or put shadows under. However, they have the same Axis options as bar graphs, so let’s create a line graph and use it to learn about that part of the Chart inspector.

  1. Start a new page layout document.
  2. Click the Charts button on the toolbar.
  3. Click the Line Graph option.

  4. A line graph will appear with sample data. You use the same Chart Data Editor to change the values as you did with a bar graph.
  5. Bring up the Inspector window.
  6. Go to the Chart inspector.
  7. Click Axis.
  8. We’ll start by setting some options for the Y axis. These are the same for the X axis.

  9. The pull-down menu provides a series of options you can select to turn on or off. You can decide whether elements such as a line for the axis, a line all the way around the chart, or the title, are shown at all.
  10. You can choose whether values are shown on the Y axis.
  11. You can also add tick marks. This set of items allows you to choose one of four options: no tick marks, inside tick marks, centered tick marks, and outside tick marks. Try each one to see how it looks with your particular graph.
  12. You can also turn on or off gridlines in your graph.

  13. You can set the number of steps in the Y axis. For instance, when Steps was set to 4, the Y axis had four steps: 25, 50, 75, 100. Now that Steps is set to 5, the steps are 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100.
  14. You can change the format of the numbers (for instance, choosing currency instead of plain numbers).
  15. You can specify the number of decimal places shown.
  16. You can choose how negative numbers are represented, with either a minus sign or in parentheses.

  17. Switch to the Series section of the Chart inspector.
  18. You can choose a different symbol for each point.
  19. You can switch to a curve rather than a straight line between points.
  20. Turn on Value Labels to have each point labeled with its value.
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