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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Customizing Charts

After you have a chart, you can customize its colors and other visual attributes. You can choose from various sets of colors. You can add or remove labels and titles from the chart.

Modifying 2D Charts

Charts can be divided into two types: 2D and 3D. The difference is only visual. Both chart types represent the same information.

  1. Select the chart.
  2. Bring up the Inspector window.
  3. Select the Chart inspector.
  4. Even after you have created the chart and added values, you can still change the basic chart type to something else.
  5. Click Chart.
  6. Select Show Title to have a small title text box appear above the chart. You can double-click the text box to edit it.
  7. Show Legend will add text boxes for each row in the chart’s data set.
  8. You can adjust the gap between the bars in each set.
  9. You can also adjust the gap between sets of bars.
  10. You can add a shadow under the bars.
  11. Click Chart Colors.

  12. Choose a basic color category.
  13. Choose a color subcategory.
  14. Click the Apply All button to apply the color selection to the chart.

Modifying 3D Charts

If you want your charts to visually jump off the page, switch to using a 3D chart. Most chart types have 2D and 3D versions, so switching is easy.

  1. In the Chart inspector, click to select a new chart type.
  2. Select one of the 3D chart types on the right side.

  3. The chart will now appear in 3D.
  4. Set the chart colors.
  5. A special 3D Chart adjustment control will appear in its own window and in the Inspector. Click and drag inside this control to rotate the chart in its 3D space.
  6. Try different lighting styles to see which one you like best.
  7. Set the depth of the bars in the chart.
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