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Calling the Component

In order to call the WMIProcCheck.Process component, you may use code like the following to determine if notepad.exe and SQL Server were running on the server "MyServer":

Dim objProc As WMIProcCheck.Process
Dim i as integer

Set objProc = New WMIProcCheck.Process

With objProc
       .AddProcess "Notepad", "notepad.exe", False, "MyServer"
       .AddProcess "SQL Server", "mssqlserver", True, "MyServer"
End With


For i = 0 to Ubound(objProc.Processes,2)
       MsgBox objProc.Processes(0,i), 0, objProc.Processes(2,i)
Next i

Note that the array returned by objProc.Processes returns the running state in the third element (ordinal 2) of the array. The sample application in the download package includes a simple UI (shown in Figure 2) for exercising the component.

Figure 2

Exercise the Component. This simple UI allows the user to specify which processes to check, and subsequently shows the results in the list view control.

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