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FileMaker Go 12 for iPad

FileMaker Go for iPad provides the same features as FileMaker Go while taking full advantage of the iPad’s big, beautiful screen. Although the iPad can also run FileMaker Go, the app either displays the database small in the center of the screen or blown up via the 2x option.

FileMaker Go for iPad can often work well with your existing database layouts because the native resolution of the iPad more closely resembles that of a desktop or laptop computer. However, because the iPad is a touch device and fingers are a bit chunky, it is still advisable to develop layouts optimized for the device. Be sure to test thoroughly because FileMaker Go does not support all script steps.

For more information, see Chapter 15, “FileMaker Go Specifications,” and Chapter 16, “Designing for FileMaker Go.”

The following are the requirements for FileMaker Go 12 for iPad:

  • iOS: iPad running iOS 4.3 or greater
  • Hosts: FileMaker Server 12, FileMaker Server 12 Advanced, FileMaker Pro 12, FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced
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