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FileMaker Go 12

FileMaker Go is a full FileMaker client developed exclusively for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Its purpose is to consume and generate FileMaker data. With it, you can create, edit, and delete records; execute scripts; import and export data; view richly formatted layouts; and print wirelessly to an AirPrint-enabled printer. Because FileMaker Go is a thin client, you cannot use it to create a database or modify its structure (that is, you cannot modify or create tables, fields, layouts, or scripts).

FileMaker Go can access databases hosted by FileMaker Server 12 and FileMaker Pro 12 over the network (including the advanced versions of each) as well as interact with a database stored locally on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Although FileMaker Go works with layouts developed for the desktop, you often get a better user experience by developing screens especially built for the device’s smaller size. It is also important to keep in mind that FileMaker Go does not support all script steps, so be sure to test thoroughly. You can use the “Show Compatibility” feature set to “iOS” to quickly see incompatible script steps.

For more information, see Chapter 15, “FileMaker Go Specifications,” and Chapter 16, “Designing for FileMaker Go.”

The following are the requirements for FileMaker Go 12:

  • iOS: iPod touch or iPhone running iOS 4.3 or greater, iPad running iOS 4.3 or greater
  • Hosts: FileMaker Server 12, FileMaker Server 12 Advanced, FileMaker Pro 12, FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced
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