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Playing Music on a Tablet

Not surprisingly, there are also music player apps available for all the major tablet computers, including the Apple iPad. Most of these apps work similarly to the phone-based music players for the same operating system.

Apple’s iPad

If you have an Apple iPad, you have the iPad version of music player found on the iPod; it’s kind of like playing music on an iPod, only bigger. There are also numerous third-party music player apps available, if that’s your want. (I’m guessing most users are just fine with Apple’s built-in music player, however.) Search Apple’s App Store and see what comes up.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The number-two bestselling tablet out there (okay, a distant number two, but still) is Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Fire has its own built-in music player which functions as a music player should. When you hold your tablet horizontally, which seems to be the preferred orientation for the fire, the screen looks like the one in Figure 27.17. You get album cover art on the left, transport controls and track info on the right. As you might suspect, the Fire’s music player is tightly tied into the Amazon.com website, in particular the Amazon MP3 Store.

The music you play on your Fire isn’t stored locally, however. Instead, the Fire takes advantage of Amazon’s Cloud Drive service, which streams your library (including Amazon MP3 Store purchases) to you over the Internet. It certainly helps, then, if you have a consistent WiFi connection, but that’s true about anything you do with the Fire. So if you have one of Amazon’s tablets, you’re pretty much good to go out of the box.

FIGURE 27.17

FIGURE 27.17Playing music on an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Other Android Tablets

If you have another brand of Android tablet (yes, the Kindle Fire runs a variation of the Android OS), you can find a variety of music player apps to use. In fact, most of the music player apps for Android phones, discussed previously, are also available for Android tablets. Search the Google Play apps store to see what’s available.

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