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  1. I use a MacBook for my development. How will I ever get the Assistant Editor to fit on my screen?
  2. Besides the Assistant Editor, you can only have a single file open at once. True or false?
  3. It is impossible to easily rename a class after creating it. True or false?


  1. Learn to use the View buttons on the Xcode toolbar. If you disable the Project Navigator and Utility area, you’ll find that the Assistant Editor fits quite nicely on your screen.
  2. False. Using the tabbed editing feature, you can open as many files simultaneously as you want, using the tabs below the Xcode toolbar to switch between them.
  3. False. The Rename refactoring tool simplifies the process of changing a class name after the fact.


  1. Using the sample project you created this hour, walk through the different features of the Source Editor and Assistant Editor. Try your hand at Edit All in Scope and refactoring.
  2. Create errors your HelloXcode application by duplicating lines or methods in the AppDelegate class files. Add a few lines with arbitrary text for good measure. Note where and when Xcode detects the errors. Does it find all the erroneous lines at once, or does it present one error, which, when fixed, shows another, and so on? Get used to this behavior; it is rare you’ll write perfect code, and knowing how Xcode presents errors and warnings is a big help when things do not work right.
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