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This is where you come in: Experiment, experiment, experiment. It is impossible for us, as authors, to highlight all of the possibilities provided by QC. To get the most from QC, you need to take the initiative and play around. Anywhere you see an input to a patch, think, “What could I connect to that?” The beauty of QC is that it’s live, so once you have that thought, just noodle out from the closest patch and find out what happens. Then try another hole, a different value, or another controller. Keep going until your composition looks nothing like what it was when you started!

We are expecting some awesome results from you, our apprentices, so in preparation, we created a special site for your creations at http://www.iloveqc.org. As soon as you have something that looks a bit different, get your experiments online and let everyone else enjoy them. Share your compositions, learn from others’ work, and collaborate. Let the QC explosion begin!

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