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If Something Goes Wrong

If for any reason you want to revert your iDevice to its factory defaults, we can always perform an iTunes restore. Please make sure you have a fresh sync and backup on hand before you undertake this procedure so you don't lose your settings and user data.

To perform an iTunes restore, follow these steps:

  1. Put your iDevice in recovery mode. Excellent instructions for performing this action can be found on the Apple Support Web site.
  2. After a short pause, your iDevice will display the Connect to iTunes screen, as shown in Figure 8.
  3. Figure 8 The "Connect to iTunes" screen

  4. Now let's hop over to our host computer and examine iTunes. You should see the message box shown in Figure 9 that informs us that our iDevice is now in recovery mode.
  5. Figure 9 iTunes recovery mode message box

  6. Make sure your device is selected in the iTunes Devices list. Next, click Restore (see Figure 10).
  7. Figure 10 Preparing to restore an iDevice from iTunes

  8. We are prompted by iTunes to confirm that we want to (a) wipe the device's hard drive; (b) install the latest version of the iOS firmware; and (c) restore settings and user data from backup. To continue, click Restore and Update (see Figure 11).
  9. Figure 11 iTunes restore confirmation message

For additional help and troubleshooting information, please visit the major iOS jailbreaking[nd]oriented help sites:

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