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From the author of Video Privacy Settings

Video Privacy Settings

Your Xbox 360's privacy settings determine whether the events you watch in MLB.TV are displayed in your online status. If you need to change your video status or any of the other privacy settings, follow these steps after logging into your Xbox LIVE account:

  1. Go to the Settings channel and select Privacy.
  2. Select Change Settings and then select Customize.
  3. Change the options in any of the 17 different areas of customization, which are organized into four main sections: Activity, Privacy, Content, and Contact Preferences.
  4. To exit after making your selections, press B on your controller, then select Save and Exit.


While MLB.TV isn't the cheapest subscription service, gaining access to almost 100 potential regular season games a week makes it hard for a baseball fan to find too much to argue with, particularly if you have other consoles or mobile devices to access it on.

Even without a paid subscription, gaining access to all the in-game highlights and schedules for the 2011 and 2012 seasons should be reason enough to check out the MLB.TV app.

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