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From the author of Taking Control

Taking Control

Once the MLB.TV app is running, as shown in Figure 2, you need to bring up the content guide to start. Press Y on your controller, or if you have Kinect, wave your hand to engage Kinect and then select Full Guide at the top of the screen.

Figure 2 The MLB.TV app's gateway to the content guide

Once inside the content guide, standard controller options apply. For instance, the Left stick or Directional pad are used to move around; the A button selects options, such as Watch; the B or Back buttons take you to the previous screen; the Start button takes you to Settings; and the Y button brings up the content guide again.

After selecting a game you'd like to watch, you are presented with the MLB.com Premium Subscription login screen. As mentioned earlier, you can choose to sign up for an annual subscription directly on your console, or simply press B to back out and use the free features, which are restricted to setting favorite teams and watching highlights.

If at a later date you want to activate a subscription, go to Settings and select Account Management to either sign up or log in.

When video is playing, the controller's A button brings up the video controls overlay, shown in Figure 3, in which you can select Play/Pause, Previous/Skip Back a Half Inning, Rewind, Stop, Forward, Next/Skip Forward a Half Inning, Display Mode (aspect ratio), and the Info Pane (title, video quality, and time seek slider).

The Right Trigger is used to Fast Forward in increasing increments each time it's pressed, and the Left Trigger is used to do the same for rewinding. The Right and Left bumpers go to the Next or Previous half inning, respectively, as applicable. Pressing B either closes the video controls overlay if it's open or returns you to the content guide.

Figure 3 The video controls overlay

With Kinect, you can use the standard motion controls to work with the app; simply wave your hand and take control of the onscreen cursor as usual. However, as shown in Figure 4, once Kinect is activated, you must select one of five options before proceeding with another level of control: Full Screen (close the overlay), Video Controls, Mini Guide (quick access), Full Guide, and Settings.

Figure 4 The five options after activating Kinect

You can also use Kinect's voice controls to quickly say any of the options you see on the screen. Simply say, "Xbox," followed by the command. For instance, as shown in the example in Figure 5, saying "Pause" would pause the game.

Figure 5 After saying "Xbox," Kinect is now ready to listen for one of the commands shown onscreen

While watching a game, there's a nifty feature that enables you to view two games at the same time via a split screen. Press the Y button to bring up the Mini Guide, as shown in Figure 6, select the game you'd like to watch in the second screen, and then press the X button. The result is shown in Figure 7.

Figure 6 Accessing the Mini Guide

Figure 7 Watching two different videos using the split-screen feature

To go back to one game while viewing a split screen, select the screen of the game you'd like to continue watching and then press the B button. To exit the app, press the Start button and then choose Exit MLB.TV from the menu.

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