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Upgrading to a Bluetooth Stylus

Ten One Design, LLC is currently developing a much more “high-tech” stylus, specifically for the new iPad. It utilizes a pressure-sensitive tip that incorporates Bluetooth 4.0 technology to communicate wirelessly with the tablet.

The company’s new stylus, code-named Blue Tiger, does not require “pairing” with the tablet like other Bluetooth devices. According to Peter Skinner, founder of Ten One Design, “Drawing programs are really popular right now, including Draw Something. Other applications that will benefit from a stylus are note-taking applications. Plus, because it is Bluetooth 4.0-compatible, there will be no need to pair the device to the iPad. It will do so automatically.”

Skinner added, “When integrated with note-taking apps, business people will be able to use this to easily send messages to business partners and, of course, take notes quickly and easily during meetings. It’s also great for businesses that want to take mobile transactions that require a signature.

“The pressure-sensitive aspect of this product is what the art community will be most excited about. This is the first of its kind, and they can now control stroke width by pressing harder or softer on the screen, rather than having to select a line thickness option like most drawing apps offer. This will keep the creative juices flowing without interruption. The LED indicator light will also offer immediate feedback for artists using many colors in their arsenal. Opacity can also be controlled.”

Because the Blue Tiger stylus is pressure-sensitive, it allows for vastly superior precision when writing or drawing on the new iPad’s touch screen. Pressing down slightly harder when using a simulated ballpoint pen, for example, would result in a darker line on the screen, just as it would if you were using a traditional pen on paper.

Another unique feature that the Blue Tiger stylus offers is its palm rejection capability. This means that you can rest your palm on the tablet’s screen in a natural way as you write or draw, and it will not impact the precision or functionality of the stylus itself. The app you’re using will respond only to the stylus pen’s tip when it’s in use.

While pricing and a release date for the Blue Tiger stylus hasn’t yet been announced, the product will work with any new iPad app that supports a stylus. Ten One Design is also working closely with a handful of third-party app developers to create apps that take full advantage of the pressure sensitivity and other unique features of this high-tech, yet easy-to-use stylus.

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