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How Can I Share My Custom Code Snippets with My Other PCs?

The easiest way to share your custom code snippets with your other PCs running Expression Web 4 SP2 is to sync your mySnippets folder using Windows Live Mesh, a free service from Microsoft that provides you with 5 GB of online storage and unlimited PC-to-PC synchronization.

  1. Create a Windows Live account at https://signup.live.com/.
  2. Download and install Windows Live Essentials from http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-other-programs.
  3. Start > All Programs > Windows Live > Windows Live Mesh.
  4. Choose C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Expression\Web 4\mySnippets as the folder you want to sync, as shown in Figure 6.
  5. Sign in to Windows Live with the same Windows Live ID on your other PC, and download and install Windows Live Essentials. Start Windows Live Mesh and select the mySnippets folder as the folder you want to sync. Navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Expression\Web 4\mySnippets and click Sync (see Figure 7).

After you have completed these steps, any time you add or modify a code snippet on one PC, the changes will be automatically synced to the mySnippets folder on your other PC via Windows Live Mesh, as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 6 Choose C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Expression\Web 4\mySnippets as the folder you want to sync.

Figure 7 Windows Live Mesh will sync your mySnippets folder with your Windows Live Mesh account.

Figure 8 The mySnippets folders on your PCs are kept in sync using Windows Live Mesh

If the mySnippets folder does not sync to the correct location on other PC, it may be for one of two reasons. You may need to "Show hidden files and folders" to allow Windows Live Mesh access to the mySnippets folder. Or the other PC might not allow remote connections. To fix this, start Windows Live Mesh on the other computer, remove the synced folder connection, click Remote, and then click Allow remote connections to this computer. Close Live Mesh and launch it again and re-create the synced folder connection. Once the sync is complete, launch Expression Web, and you should see the new snippets in the Snippets Panel.

How Can I Share my Custom Code Snippets with other Expression Web Users?

To share custom code snippets with other users, start by putting your custom code snippets into a new folder. To create the new folder, in the Snippets Panel, select Options > New Folder. A new folder called "Snippet" will be created in the folder list. Right-click the folder and rename it, giving it a distinctive name.

After adding your custom code snippets to the new folder, close Expression Web, and in Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Expression\Web 4\mySnippets\ and right-click the new folder. Select Send to > Compressed (Zipped) folder. Send the Zipped file to other users with instructions to extract the file's contents to C:\Users\username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Expression\Web 4\mySnippets.

If you think your custom code snippets would be of value to other Expression Web users, you can also submit them to the Microsoft Expression Community Gallery at http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/. Your contributions will be subject to the Expression Gallery Contribution Agreement at http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/site/documents/contributionAgreement.

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