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From the author of Is MySpace Right for You?

Is MySpace Right for You?

You might have been surprised to find MySpace in the number-four social networking slot; after all, it’s been in a downward spiral for several years, now. However, MySpace does have its own unique market niche which may make it worth considering for certain types of businesses.

It's a fact that MySpace isn't nearly as popular as Facebook among the general populace, at least not anymore. It still has some appeal among younger teenagers (junior high and some high school), but even they are moving en masse to Facebook. No, where MySpace shines is in the entertainment community, among musicians, comedians, actors, and other performers who have created MySpace pages to communicate directly to their fans.

So if you’re in the entertainment business, MySpace is the place to show your wares. If you have a more general or older clientele, however, your marketing money is probably better spent elsewhere.

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