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From the author of Is Twitter Right for You?

Is Twitter Right for You?

Twitter looks to be the number-two social medium today, at least in terms of unique visitors. Looking at the engagement metrics, however, might cause you think differently.

For various reasons, not the least of which is Twitter’s ubiquitous presence in the mainstream media, most companies today feel that they need a Twitter presence. Yet Twitter’s audience (250 million unique visitors/month) is only a third the size of Facebook’s, and engagement is surprisingly low, at just 24 minutes per month. (To put that engagement in perspective, it’s a third of the time that Pinterest users spend online.)

Demographically, Twitter skews young, with 62% of users under age 35. Not surprisingly, college students account for 48% of Twitter’s user base. It’s definitely a social network for younger users—and one that is less interactive. Many more people read tweets than send them.

What this means is that Twitter is a great vehicle for reaching a younger audience, but not that great for communicating with older customers, who probably have never received a tweet in their lives. If your product or service is geared to college students or recent grads, then you should definitely add Twitter to your social marketing mix. On the other hand, if you’re marketing to anyone over 35 years old, Twitter could be a big waste of time.

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