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This chapter is from the book Mark Summerfield

Mark Summerfield

Mark is a computer science graduate with many years of experience working in the software industry, primarily as a programmer. He has also spent many years writing and editing technical documentation. Mark owns Qtrac Ltd., http://www.qtrac.eu, where he works as an independent programmer, author, editor, and trainer, specializing in the C++, Go, and Python languages, and the Qt, PyQt, and PySide libraries.

Other books by Mark Summerfield:

  • Advanced Qt Programming (2010) ISBN 0321635906
  • Programming in Python 3 (2nd ed.; 2009) ISBN 0321680561
  • Programming in Python 3 (1st ed.; 2008) ISBN 0137129297
  • Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt (2007) ISBN 0132354187

Other books by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield:

  • C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (2nd ed.; 2008) ISBN 0132354160
  • C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (1st ed.; 2006) ISBN 0131872494
  • C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 (2004) ISBN 0131240722


The text was written using gvim. The typesetting—including all the diagrams— was done using the lout typesetting language. All of the code snippets were automatically extracted directly from the example programs and from test programs using a custom tool written in Go. The index was compiled by the author. The text and source code was version-controlled using Mercurial. The monospaced code font was derived from a condensed version of DejaVu Mono and modified using FontForge. The book was previewed using evince and gv, and converted to PDF by Ghostscript. The cover was provided by the publisher. Note that only printed editions are definitive: eBook versions are not under the author’s control and are often retypeset, which can introduce errors.

All the editing and processing was done on Debian and Ubuntu systems. All the example programs have been tested using the official gc Go compiler on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows using Go 1 and should work with all subsequent Go 1.x versions.

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