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Organizing and Editing Your Photos

Organizing and editing your photos after you have created an album is easy. For example, you might decide you need to reorganize the photos or add captions. Or you might want to delete a photo or completely remove an entire album.

To revisit an album and make changes, click the Photos link on your profile page. Locate the album you want to work with, and then click the album name to open the album. Facebook displays all the thumbnail images included in the album, similar to Figure 9.9. You can reorganize your photos in this view. Simply click and drag them around on the album page to reposition their order.


Figure 9.9 To edit an album, start by opening the album’s thumbnail view.

What about adding more photos, you ask? That’s easy. If you click the Add Photos button in the top-right corner, you can upload more photos.

If you want to edit album details, such as the title or individual photos, click the Edit Album link (refer to Figure 9.9). This opens the Edit Album page, shown in Figure 9.10. This page displays all the photos, along with options for adding or editing captions, deleting a photo, moving a photo to another album, or designating a new album cover. The album cover is just the photo that appears as the main photo in the listing of albums and when the story is posted on your timeline or news feed. By default, the Photos application makes the first photo the album cover, but you can choose any photo in the album as the cover.


Figure 9.10 Open an album’s Edit Album page to find options for editing, organizing, and deleting albums.

You have several editing options to choose from, as follows:

  • To change the album name, description, or location, click the existing text at the top of the page and type in new information.
  • To change the date for the album, click the Edit Date button and choose another.
  • To add a caption, click in the Description box below each photo and type one up.
  • To add photos, click the Add Photos button and choose more photos to upload.
  • To change who sees your album, click the audience selector drop-down arrow and choose another setting, such as Friends or a custom list.
  • To make a photo the album cover, click the Select an Option drop-down arrow (see Figure 9.10) and choose Make album cover.
  • To remove a photo you decide you don’t want to include, click the Select an Option drop-down arrow (see Figure 9.10) and choose Remove this photo.
  • To relocate the photo to another existing album, click the Select an Option drop-down arrow and choose Move to other album. If this is your first album, you won’t see this option.
  • To save all the changes you make to the Edit Album page, click the Done button located at the top of the page.
  • If you click the Delete Album button at the top of the page, you can delete the entire album, photos and all. When activated, this option is permanent.

    Finally, the photo viewer window itself, shown in Figure 9.11, also offers a couple of editing options you can put to use. For example, does your photo need to be readjusted vertically or horizontally? Do you need to add a caption to a single photo? Do you want to tag a friend in a photo? You can do all of this from the photo viewer. From the album’s page of thumbnails, click a photo to open the viewer window.


    Figure 9.11 You can also edit individual photos using the photo viewer window.

    Here are several editing options to pursue:

  • To add a caption or change the date, click the Edit button and use the fields that appear to add a caption, set a new date, or change who can view your photo. Be sure to click the Done Editing button to save your changes.
  • To tag a friend in the photo, click the Tag Photo button and follow the steps you learned in the previous section.
  • To add a location, click the Add Location button and type in a location.
  • To use the photo as your profile picture, click the drop-down arrow next to the tiny cog icon, as shown in Figure 9.12, and choose Make Profile Picture.

    Figure 9.12 Click the drop-down arrow to view more editing options.

  • If you’re viewing a friend’s photo in the viewer window, you can click the drop-down arrow (the tiny cog icon) and click Download to download the photo to your own computer.
  • To remove a photo you decide you don’t want to include, click the drop-down arrow and click Delete this Photo.
  • To change a photo’s orientation, click the drop-down arrow and click either Rotate Left or Rotate Right.
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