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Tagging Photos

Tagging is a popular activity on Facebook. Tagging is when you identify someone in a story, photo, or video. When you tag people, Facebook lets them know with a notification so they can go take a look at the story. The tag also appears as a story in their mini-feed on their profile page. In the case of photos, you can tag people to identify them in the picture. You can even tag people in a photo who aren’t on Facebook and send them an email message.

To tag a person in a picture, follow these steps:

  1. Open the photo you want to tag.
  2. Click the Tag This Photo link.
  3. The mouse pointer turns into a cross-hair pointer when you move it over the photo. Click the person or area you want to identify in the photo to open a tag box, as shown in Figure 9.8.

    Figure 9.8 You can tag people in a photo to identify them.

  4. Click a name from the list or type in the person’s name.

    If you type someone’s name who isn’t in your Friends list, you have the option of emailing the person a link to the image, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

  5. Click the Tag button, and the person is tagged.
  6. Click the Done Tagging link when you finish tagging everyone in the photo.

When you add a tag, anyone viewing the photo can move his or her mouse over the people in the photo and view the tag that points out who each person is. Very handy, don’t you think?

To de-tag a person, you can reopen the photo and click the Edit link, then click the X button next to the person’s name and click the Save button to finish the edit. People you’ve tagged can also remove their tags from your photos using the same step.

You can also tag yourself in someone else’s photos, but they’ll have to approve of the tag before everyone else can see it.

New to Facebook, you can also tag locations in your photos. Click the Add Location link in the photo viewer window and specify a location where the photo was taken. You can type a specific location or choose an existing place, such as a city. Use the Change Date link to designate a special date for the photo.

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