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Using Other Photo Uploaders

If you’re a Mac user, you can add the iPhoto Exporter application to your computer and use it to upload photos from the iPhoto application directly. To find your way to the app, type Facebook Exporter for iPhoto into the search box at the top of any Facebook page and press Enter (Return). Click the Facebook Exporter for iPhoto name in the search results listing. Click the Download App button and download the Facebook Exporter for iPhoto application. You can then install the application and use iPhoto to upload photos into a Facebook album.

iPhoto Exporter simply adds a Facebook tab to the Export Photos dialog box, as shown in Figure 9.7, where you can create a new album for Facebook or insert the photos in an existing album. You can also use the dialog box to add captions and tags before uploading the images. To navigate to the dialog box and see for yourself, open iPhoto and select the files you want to import. Next, click the File menu, and then click Export. When the Export Photos dialog box opens, you’ll have to log in to your Facebook account to start the process. After your browser logs you in, you’re returned to the Export Photos dialog box, where you can continue the process of uploading the files. Just click the Export button and follow the prompts. When the import is complete, you can review the album on Facebook and approve the uploaded images. After you’ve approved the images, you can post the album to your profile, and you’re done.


Figure 9.7 Mac users can add a Facebook tab to iPhoto’s Export Photos dialog box for uploading image files.

If you have photos on a camera phone, you can upload them to Facebook, too. Depending on the type of phone you use, you might need to follow different uploading procedures. For example, you can use your personalized upload email address to upload photos from a feature phone, or if you’re using an iPhone, a completely different set of steps is required. Learn more about Facebook’s mobile features in Lesson 16, “Making Facebook Mobile.”

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