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From the author of Turning on Parental Controls / Setting Time Limits

Turning on Parental Controls

At the bottom of the Manage Accounts window, click the link Set Up Parental Controls. In the Parental Controls window, choose the child’s user account you want to use, and in the Parental Controls area of the Set Up window, click On, Enforce Current Settings. This turns on parental controls so that you can choose the specific settings you want to apply to each of your children’s user accounts (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 You can customize the parental controls for each user account you create.

Setting Time Limits

In the Windows Settings area of the User Controls window for the account you selected, you’ll see three parental controls: Time Limits, Games, and Allow and Block Specific Programs.

To choose how much time you want to allow the user of this account to have access to the computer, click Time Limits. The Time Restrictions window appears, displaying a grid of days and times.

To set the times you want your child’s access to the computer to be blocked—for example, between midnight and 7 a.m.—click and drag to add blue to the grid (see Figure 4). You can change a block from blue back to white (which means access is allowed) by simply clicking it. Click OK to save your changes and return to the User Controls window.

Figure 4 Use Time Limits to set when you want your child to be able to access the computer.

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