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Evernote Clearly / Evernote Peek

Evernote Clearly

So far we’ve been talking about new apps Evernote has introduced for various mobile devices. Evernote Clearly is a browser extension that helps clear up what you see in your Google Chrome or Firefox web browser. Evernote Clearly removes all the extraneous information—like banner ads, side ads, and navigation controls—so that you can focus on the article or blog post you really want to read.

You can download Evernote Clearly from the Evernote site and, depending on the browser you’re using, Evernote will offer you the link for downloading the version you need.

Once the extension has downloaded and installed, you can begin browsing with Chrome or Firefox, turn on Clearly, and start clipping by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Right or Ctrl+Alt+up arrow on a Windows computer or pressing Command+Right or Command+up arrow on the Mac.

Evernote Clearly removes the basic template of the site—all the design busyness—and shows the content of the page, plain and simple (see Figure 5). You can use the tools on the right side of the screen to clip the content to Evernote, change the font display, or print what you see displayed on the page.

Figure 5 Evernote Clearly displays just the content in a simplified browser view for Chrome and Firefox.

Evernote Peek

If you use Evernote to collect information about subjects you need to learn, you can download Evernote Peek to quiz you about the content of your notes. If you still wake up in cold sweats because of the pop quizzes you suffered in high school, this app may not be your cup of tea. But if staying sharp and testing yourself is your thing, you may enjoy creating test questions and quizzing yourself about the notebook contents you’re trying to learn.

Evernote Peek is an app currently available only for the iPad. After you download and install the app, it will run a quick demonstration to give you a sense of the how-to’s. You can then check out the sample notebooks included with Evernote Peek: Sushi Quiz and Evernote Peek.

To create a quiz based on an existing notebook, click the notebook in your My Notebooks list that you want to use. Evernote peek displays the title of the note as the prompt text, and the content in the message area is used as the answer. For this reason, some users create new notebooks that include only notes to be used as quiz questions. For example, a note with the title “When were the Federalist Papers written” and “1787 and 1788” in the message area will display a note in Evernote Peek that resembles the one in Figure 6.

When you list the edge of the iPad SmartCover (you can use Peek with a Virtual Cover as well), only the question appears at the bottom of the screen. You can then open the cover to see the answer and then tap Correct or Incorrect, depending on the accuracy of your answer.

Figure 6 Quiz yourself about notebook content using Evernote Peek on your iPad.

Final Thoughts

Whether any of these apps pique your interest or not, be sure to visit the Evernote site regularly—and check out the Noteworthy Blog and the Evernote Trunk—to see what creative new apps they come up with next.

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