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From the author of

From the author of

Evernote Hello / Evernote Food

Evernote Hello

Evernote Hello is an iPhone app that helps you add, remember, and work with your ever-expanding list of contacts. You begin by downloading Evernote Hello from the iTunes App Store, and after the app installs, a short video introduces you to the basics of the tool.

One of the fascinating things about Evernote Hello is that it’s more than just another address book utility. Instead, Evernote Hello tries to help you keep track of people’s information in much the same way you meet a real person.

Suppose for example that you bump into a friend. You can add your friend as a contact by entering the person’s info yourself or by handing over your phone so your new contact can add it (see Figure 2). And instead of collecting just straight contact info, you can add details like where you met and why you got together. Evernote Hello will keep track of all your meetings so that your contact information is always in the context of your larger, developing relationship. Pretty cool.

Figure 2 Evernote Hello is an iPhone app that keeps your contact info in context.

Evernote Food

Evernote Food is a fun iPhone app that you’ll enjoy if you’re a foodie. If trying new restaurants, recommending recipes, and getting together over fabulous suppers is your idea of fun, Evernote Food can help you remember all the great things about a terrific evening so that you can share your experience with friends or simply return there when you can (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 Evernote Food helps iPhone users keep track of special meals.

With Evernote Food, you can easily add information about the restaurant, and tag and even photograph your meal (see Figure 4). You can add meal notes to help you remember important facts, like “The award-winning chef is here on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights.”

Figure 4 You can tag your meal note, add photos, or add details about the experience.

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