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From the author of Scrobbling from Spotify to Last.fm

Scrobbling from Spotify to Last.fm

While you can use Last.fm with most online music services, it's particularly well integrated with Spotify. In essence, you can feed Last.fm all the tracks you listen to on Spotify and then have Last.fm recommend new music based on your listening habits.

Of course, for Last.fm to analyze your musical tastes and make its recommendations, it has to know what music you're listening to. Spotify makes this easy by automating the scrobbling process—in effect, notifying Last.fm of all the tracks you listen to, as you listen to them.

To activate Last.fm scrobbling within Spotify, you must first go to Last.fm (http://www.last.fm) and create an account. It's free.

That done, return to Spotify and configure it to work with your Last.fm account. From within Spotify, select Edit, Preferences. When the Preferences page appears, go to the Activity Sharing section at the top of the page and check the Scrobble to Last.fm option; then enter your Last.fm username and password into the Username and Password boxes.

Figure 1 Configuring Spotify to work with Last.fm

That's all you need to do. Spotify will now send information about each track you play to Last.fm. You can then visit the Last.fm site to view your personalized recommendations—or use the Last.fm app within Spotify to the same effect.

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