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From the author of Playing Your Local Music

Playing Your Local Music

All the files you import from your computer are stored in the Spotify Local Files library. To view the files you imported, select Local Files in the Collection section of the Spotify navigation pane. All imported files are flagged by an icon of a musical note.

Figure 2 Viewing imported tracks in your Local Files library

To play a local file, you have to be logged on to Spotify from the computer that hosts that file. As with all Spotify tracks, you can initiate playback by double-clicking the file, selecting the file, and then clicking the Play button in the Spotify transport controls or right-clicking the file and selecting Play from the pop-up menu.

Playback of local files is identical to playback of streaming tracks, with one interesting exception. As you're probably aware, Spotify normally plays a commercial after every few tracks of streaming music. Spotify service does not, however, insert commercials when you're listening to your own local files. That's a big plus.

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