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From the author of Importing Local Music Files

Importing Local Music Files

There's not much you have to do to import your local files into Spotify. In fact, when you first install the Spotify software on your computer, it automatically scans your hard disk for existing tracks and creates a Local Files library.

Spotify automatically imports all music files found in your computer's Music, iTunes, and Downloads folders. You can also configure Spotify to manually import tunes stored elsewhere on your PC. From within Spotify, select Edit, Preferences. When the Preferences page appears, scroll to the Local files section and check those locations that contain music you want to import. To add another location to the list, click the Add Source button and when the Browse for Folder dialog box appears, select the desired folder and click the OK button.

Figure 1 Telling Spotify where your local music is stored

When you select a new location, Spotify will automatically scan that location for compatible files and import them into the library. Because Spotify is not actually uploading the files, this process is relatively fast.

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