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Google is the most-used search engine in Spain. You can also target Spanish searchers through Google’s vast advertising network of sites within Spain. Google has hundreds of sites where you can get your ads displayed.

This capability is important mainly because the Spanish spend their time browsing between sites when online, in fact more so than in the U.S., where our web use tends to be results-directed. Getting your message on as many sites as possible will increase the chances of browsing Spaniards seeing it. These can range from news sites such as HERALDO.es or Publico.es, to entertainment sites such as KissFM.es or Musica.com. On top of that, some of the most-visited news sites in Spain have their internal search powered by Google; Elmundo.es—the most-used Spanish news site according to a comScore study done in February 2009—uses Google to power its internal search capabilities.

PPC for the Spanish market can be done from the comfort of your chair wherever you are located, whether you are targeting through Google or Yahoo!. As of this writing, the Bing/Yahoo! alliance had not reached Spain but is likely to do so by 2012. Figure 13.4 shows how similar Google PPC ads are to those in the United States.

Figure 13.4

Figure 13.4 PPC focusing on Spain can be done through Google.

Because Terra is Google driven, you can easily reach most Spanish-based searchers by using Google only. In fact, you can reach nearly 100 percent of searchers this way.

Another issue worth noting when it comes to PPC is that by using Microsoft’s ad network, you can reach nearly every Internet user in Spain. Microsoft sites received close to 21 million visitors, meaning nearly all Spanish Internet users have visited Microsoft sites. Google websites, which include YouTube, are increasing in popularity. Google sites have grown by 17 percent to 19.6 million users.

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