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From the author of Making a Playlist Collaborative

Making a Playlist Collaborative

To turn an existing playlist into a collaborative playlist, go to the Collection section of the Spotify navigation pane and right-click the playlist name. When the pop-up menu appears, select Collaborative Playlist.

You now have to select your collaborators for this playlist. To do this, right-click the playlist and select Share To. When the sharing pop-up appears, select the Spotify tab. Enter the name of the person you want to collaborate with into the To box; then enter a message into the Optional Message box.

Figure 4 Inviting collaborators to your playlist

When you click the Send Playlist button, your potential collaborator receives a message in his Spotify inbox. When he opens the message he sees the playlist page. To collaborate on the playlist, your friend needs to click Subscribe at the top of the playlist page.

Once your friend has subscribed to the collaborative playlist, he can add tracks to and delete tracks from the playlist. These changes appear on your playlist page as they're made, just as your changes appear on your friend's version of the playlist.

By the way, as the creator of the playlist, you can at any time turn off a collaborative playlist. Just right-click the playlist and uncheck the Collaborative Playlist option. People you shared the playlist with can still view and listen to the playlist, but they can't make any more changes.

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