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From the author of Moodagent


Another way to discover new music on Spotify is via the Moodagent app. This app automatically creates new Spotify playlists based on those tracks you select, or on the desired mood. (Hence the name.)

Let’s look at the mood method first. All you have to do is select a given mood – Sensual, Tender, Happy, or Angry – and Moodagent does the rest, suggesting a collection of tracks to match the musical mood (see Figure 2). You can then fine-tune the resulting playlist by selecting an emotional “curve” for the playlist – essentially, how the energy level rises or falls over the course of the playlist. The suggested tracks can be saved into your Spotify playlists.

Figure 2 The Moodagent Spotify app.

You can also create a playlist based on a single selected track. Just search for the track you want and Moodagent does the rest, finding other tracks that match the mood of the one you selected.

Finally, you can use Moodagent to fine-tune your existing playlists. Just drag and drop a playlist from Spotify’s navigation pane onto the Visualize and Modify the Mood of a Playlist pane at the bottom of the Moodagent page. Moodagent then analyzes and displays the mood and curve of the playlist; select a different mood or curve to change the playlist accordingly.

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