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Download and Unpack the Tools

I find it convenient to create different users for the different software components. In my examples, three user accounts are used—postgres, aolserver, and acs. These users were created as part of a single group that is allowed to read, but not write each other's files. The following instructions assume that you have done the same.

You'll need to download and decompress tarballs of the source code for the following software components. The version numbers indicated are those for which the toolkit is known to be compatible. The Web sites contain links to the current download location.

Here's the command that I used to decompress and extract files from the AOLserver 3.0 tarball:

[aolserver@goshawk aolserver]tar xzf aolserver3_0-linux2.2-i386.tar.gz 

Log in to the proper accounts and use tar with the same switch values in order to extract the files from the other tarballs.

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