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From the author of Sharing Everything You Listen To

Sharing Everything You Listen To

Once you’ve linked your Spotify and Facebook accounts, everything you listen to on Spotify is automatically fed to Facebook. That’s right; part of the deal is that Facebook is notified of every single track you listen to on Spotify. That information is then fed to Facebook’s database of posts you’ve made, as well as to the news feeds of your Facebook friends.

To start with, each track you listen to is displayed in your Facebook ticker—that piece of real-time real estate displayed in the top-right corner of the Facebook News Feed page. In essence, your friends can see what you’re listening to as you listen to it. It’s edifying.

In addition, the tracks you listen to also contribute to the Spotify gadgets displayed on your Facebook profile page. There are actually several of these gadgets displayed in different places on your timeline. The first, located near the top of the timeline, displays those tracks you’ve recently listened to (see Figure 2). The other, located at the end of each month on the timeline, displays the top artists, playlists, and albums you’ve listened to that month (see Figure 3). Anyone viewing your timeline will be able to see this listening data.

Figure 2 Recently listened-to tracks displayed on your timeline.

Figure 3 Your monthly Spotify listening summary displayed on your timeline.

You don’t have to do anything to have the music you listen to sent to Facebook in this fashion; it’s automatic. You can, however, disable this feature if you feel that it’s sharing a little too much with your Facebook friends.

To disable Spotify’s automatic Facebook sharing, select Edit, Preferences from within Spotify. When the Preferences page appears, go to the Activity Sharing section at the top of the page and uncheck the Show What I Listen To on Facebook option. If you later decide you want to share your music on Facebook, repeat these steps and recheck the Show What I Listen To on Facebook option.

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