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From the author of A Few Things to Note

A Few Things to Note

Now that your have rooted your NOOK Simple Touch, keep a few things in mind:

  • The NOOK Simple Touch does not have a GPS, camera, or microphone, so apps that use those features will not work. (For example, you cannot make calls with the Skype app[md]although you can IM.)
  • Many of the references in the apps and market refer to your phone. This is quite natural because Android is widely deployed on phones. This terminology will change over time as more Android tablets (for example, the Samsung Galaxy) reach the market.
  • You can always easily return to the regular NOOK Simple Touch interface, press the Home button, and tap Home.
  • When you use the rooted ADW.launcher as home, you see some transparent buttons on the right side of the screen. These are the ways to interact with the rooted portion of the NOOK Simple Touch. You can access them by tapping the left-pointing arrow to show them. The x in a circle closes the buttons in case they get in your way during typing.
  • You can always choose the open ADW.launcher whenever you tap the Home button. If you do that, you can always get to the regular NOOK Simple Touch Home screen by pressing the Home button.

  • The Return and Menu options change from app to app. The menu options in particular provide access to settings, viewing options, and so on.
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