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From the author of Installing Applications on Your Rooted NOOK Simple Touch

Installing Applications on Your Rooted NOOK Simple Touch

Now that you have your NOOK Simple Touch rooted, you want to install applications, right? Well, it is super easy.

  1. Tap the Apps button. (It's in between the Phone and Internet buttons.)
  2. Tap the Market button. The Market page opens.
  3. Tap the Search button.
  4. Type Kindle and tap Go.
  5. Tap the Kindle for Android app line.
  6. Tap Free and then tap OK. You will be informed that it is downloading.
  7. Tap the Back button and then My Apps to watch the progress.
  8. When it finishes downloading and installing, tap the Home button from the transparent buttons on the right side and then tap ADW.launcher.
  9. Tap the Apps button.
  10. Tap the Kindle button.
  11. Enter your Amazon account information. Your app is synched up with your Amazon account. (If you have a large library, the synching can take some time.) You can now read your Kindle books on the rooted portion of your NOOK Simple Touch.

Simple, right? And that's how installing other apps works. Check out what the Android Market has out there!

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