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From the author of Sharing Currents Content

Sharing Currents Content

Google lets you share the content you find on Currents with your friends across multiple social networks. You can share content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instapaper, Pinboard, and Tumblr. You can even email favorite stories to your friends.

To share content, go to the desired page and tap the Share icon, as shown in Figure 8. (It’s the second icon from the right, along the bottom of the screen.) You can then share in the following ways:

Figure 8 Sharing Currents content.

  • To share on Google+, tap +1 Recommend.
  • To share via other social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), tap More then select the social network. After logging into your social network account, add any additional comments then tap the Share or Send button.
  • To email this item via Gmail, tap Email, then enter your friend’s email address on the following screen.

It’s that easy. All the content you want is available in the palm of your hand, streamed as it’s published and easily shareable. And that’s Google Currents.

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