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From the author of Digital Camera Media


If you like building or upgrading computers, a good toolkit is essential, but doesn’t need to cost a lot. Some highly-rated kits worth considering include Belkin’s 36-piece F8E066 and Rosewill’s 45-piece RTK-045. Both of these include an anti-static wrist strap (lower-cost kits often leave out essentials such as anti-static wrist straps).

If you need to work on a broken iPhone, iPad, smart phone, GPS, you need specialized toolkits that include pry tools and small Torx bits. The easiest way to track these down is to use a search engine.

Digital Photo Frames

Traditionally, digital photo frames sell for $75-100 or more, but an increasing number of 7-inch models can be picked up for around $30 for low-cost high-tech photo display. Note: an increasing number of these are 16:9 widescreen, and you’ll want to crop your photos to the right format to avoid distortion or blank space.

Just for Fun

Many current desktop computers have 10 or more USB ports. If that seems like too many, consider the many USB-powered novelty items available. For example:

ThinkGeek.com is home of the famous USB laser guided missile launcher, aromatherapy oil burner, combination flash drive and bottle opener, and official Lego and unofficial brick thumbdrives among others

X-Tremegeek.com features mini fans, bendy lights, flash drive security lock, and combo hub and tape dispensers among others

FunUSB (http://www.funusb.com) is the place to go for USB-based air fresheners, mini-fridge and heater units, heated slippers, scrolling message board, and massage ball among others.

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