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From the author of Tip 3: Choose and Use Google+ Circles Wisely

Tip 3: Choose and Use Google+ Circles Wisely

Google+ lets you organize your network by placing people into distinct groups, called circles. When you post content on Google+, you can specify exactly which circle(s) can view those posts. You can also specify privacy settings by circle. This design gives you complete control over who sees what content.

When you first start using Google+, you can add people to any of the four default circles: Friends, Family, Acquaintances, or Following. Although these four circles might be sufficient for your initial needs, you can maximize the usefulness of Google+ by further defining your audience. For example, you could post certain content publicly to attract new clients. Other content you could share just with a circle of existing clients. If you have several specialties, create circles for each, so that you can communicate with multiple audiences and not overload them with irrelevant information. You can also use circles to share with other employees in your company, share with fellow members of a professional association, track the posts of industry experts, and more.

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